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For purchasing a unit, call 715-891-1207  

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The built-in "i-guide" system walks you through all steps of usage and programming

Designed t expand its capabilities and support future devices and attachments.

2 fully independent outputs - Like having 2 units in 1.

Dedicated extension port for new upcoming accessories and new devices.

Up to 8 lead outputs for treatment flexibility and mulitiple stimulation points

3 year warranty included with purchase

     Our mission is to help you LIVE PAIN FREE!

A partial list of conditions known to cause pain:

Arthritis, Back pain/Sciatica, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Lyme Disease, ALS, neuropathy, sports injuries, tendonitis, Muscular dystrophy

The Wellness Pro Plus is proven effective in treatment of chronic, intractable pain.

 What makes WellnessPro+ the #1 choice in healthcare



Relaxing setting

For purchasing a unit, call:  715-891-1207

My husband and I had terrible symptoms associated with Lymes Disease.  After using the Wellness Pro, all of our symptoms are gone.  We use the unit almost on a daily basis to deal with all kinds of issues that arise from living.  The frequencies from the unit resonate with your own bodie's frequencies to find balance, which in turn is good health.  I believe every household should have a Wellness Pro to maintain Wellness.

- Chris H


I want you to know how much I love my Wellness Pro.  It literally has changed my life.  I used to have extreme back pain to the point that I was having injections on a regular basis.  I am now pain free with no more injections or any OTC pain relievers.  If I have over exercised to a point of discomfort, I run 2 back pain programs and I am as good as new.  It's a miracle for me.  Thanks for introducing me to the Welness Pro.

-Cheri L





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