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Natural Health Care has been my mission for more than 35 years.  Whether acute pain or chronic pain, Advanced Therapeutics is here to direct you to the therapy you need  with hands on Muscular therapy or Bio-electrical Therapy with the Welness Pro Plus


"The first step to disease is Postural Distortion"  -Hans Selya, Endocrinologiist (Nobel prize winner)


Without ease, you will have Dis-ease, which is Disease!





Give your body the relief it's been yearning for!

Far beyond simply "feeling good", massage has an impressive range of therapeutic effects and benefits.  Massage has an effect on all systems of the body.

The best way to combat Disease is having the tools to keep your body at "ease".  The Wave of the future is here with Bio-electro Therapy with the Wellness Pro Plus.  By relieving your body of pain, your body is capable of maintaining Homeostasis, which means perfect balance.  Perfect balance comes from your energetic field flowing freely through your body.  You can achieve this with treatments on your Wellness Pro Plus.

The Wellness Pro Plus has a "Deep Pulse" technology that sends frequencies to affected areas, triggering electrochemical processes, which achieves long term pain relief.  The frequencies resonate with our own frequencies to bring "balance" into our bodies, which promotes healing.



How Does it Work?


  When health is absent,

wisdom cannot reveal itself,

      art cannot manifest,

     strength cannot fight,

  wealth becomes useless,

and intelligence cannot be applied.