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Your Wellness Pro Plus device has been created to minimize the pain associated with various conditions such as injury or chronic pain.


Your Wellness Pro Plus device is labeled "plus" because it will have attachments to give you the most effective, innovative, up-gradable and expandable device on the market today.


How will this innovative device reduce pain?

Your device stimulates the peripheral nerves that are in charge of sending information about touch and vibration. The signals interrupt pain signals traveling to the brain, and send a different message so you will avoid pain. Your device also stimulates endogenous opioids, which get rid of pain much like medications.

 •  Qualifies as a TENS device (but with a larger frequency)

 •  You're getting technology previously only offered to professionals

 •  Works with the body's electric current on a cellular level

 •  Uses a unique combination of frequencies to provide quick pain relief

 •  Eliminates pain the same way as medicines, but without harmful side effects

 •  You'll experience zero discomfort

 •  Can be used to alleviate pain in a variety of conditions both acute and chronic


 $3,495  Tax deductible

You'll be on your way to feeling better with our help, call anytime: 715-891-1207

How else will this device benefit me?